Tanzania is the one among of many nations in the world that are affected with Corona Virus 19 Disease. Because of the nature of the Tanzania economy, businesses were financially shacked, people loose job and some of them even faced death.

Many people in Tanzania do not have stable income depending day to day activities to finance their household expenses such as food and other essential need. Even though there was no lockdown, staying without job for more than 4 months because of the fearing of catching Corona Disease affecting their income circulation especially their savings.

Most of low- and middle- income earners suffer allot from this pandemic than rich people. Marginalized groups such as disable people, women and youth job seekers need special assistance to go through this difficult without creating a social dispute.

We restructured our activities calendar and projects to help this group by designing focused-project to help them. The Special Project Team was designed to evaluate and analyzing the extend of the COVID-19 impact to this groups and finding the possible relevant way to help them.